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Episode 146 - K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man’s best Friend

You thought your dog was here just here to be your loving support and joyful playmate but haven’t you always suspected dogs are magical angels from God? It turns out they are much, much more than that. Your pup could be the physical conduit for your K9 Spirit Guide! Heather Leigh Strom, our guest today, reveals that your pup and these unique spiritual energies, the K9 Spiritual Guides, are here to guide us on OUR journeys of healing, growth, wisdom, transformation, spiritual evolution and ascendency. The ones that choose to enter your life through your pet are divinely matched to you to teach you what your soul is calling to learn. Heather Leigh will introduce us to the Core Four and share the messages they have for us and the world.

Heather Leigh Strom began her career with dogs when she was just 4 years old. By 11, she began competing in AKC obedience with her two German shepherd dogs. At 30 she was training dogs professionally and competing successfully in three dog sports with dogs she produced from her own breeding program. But if you ask her, she never planned any of it or saw any of it coming! It was just a natural progression of her life. However, she never considered dogs to be her primary focus; they were just a hobby. As a dog trainer, she specialized in the hard to rehab cases that no one wanted. This was never her intention when she opened her company, but these dogs always found their way to her. She was able to connect with them in ways no one else could and resolve their issues easily. As a competitive trainer and handler with her own dogs, she was a force to be reckoned with. She and her canine teammates were fiercely committed, deeply bonded, and shared a psychic connection that certainly gave them an advantage in competition! The puppies that she bred would share their future stories with her so that she could get them into the right hands to fulfil their destiny. New dogs called to her in dreams and psychic messages, sometimes from foreign countries, with instructions on how to find them. She never fully understood how any of this worked until she wrote her book and was awakened into her divine purpose in 2022

In "K9 Spirit Guides," Heather Leigh Strom weaves a captivating narrative that delves into the divine connection between dogs and humans. Through personal experiences, the author convincingly presents the idea that our canine companions are more than mere pets—they are spiritual guides sent to facilitate healing, elevate awareness, and expand consciousness. Strom's heartfelt account of her own journey with these special K9 angels offers a compelling invitation for readers to recognize and embrace the unique gifts our furry friends bring into our lives, providing a fresh perspective on the profound bond between humans and their canine companions.



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