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Episode 163 - Empowering Transformation Through the Akashic Records

Amy Robeson, an Akashic Record master, discusses her journey into becoming a healer and teacher. Amy shares her personal story of transformation, from battling depression and injury to discovering meditation and eventually the Akashic Records. We’ll explore topics such as light codes, light language, multidimensional existence, and the impact of ancestral and past life traumas on one's present life. What is the therapeutic potential of understanding one's multidimensional self and how it can be leveraged for healing and personal growth? Amy offers insights into navigating the complexities of the Akashic Records and how they serve as a tool for deep spiritual insights and empowerment.

Amy Robeson

Amy Robeson is a Master Akashic Records Teacher, Light Language Master, and Mentor who helps people tap into their most powerful inner potential to experience profound transformation and magik. She is passionate about exploring spiritual concepts and truths and encourages her students to get curious and stay curious. As the founder of Sacred Awakening, she has created a powerful Akashic Records program, allowing her students to receive answers in any area of their life so they can live an empowered, aligned life. Amy is the perfect guide, breaking down complex spiritual concepts to meet her students where they are and helping them overcome roadblocks, outdated beliefs, and even trauma to achieve their highest good.



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