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Episode 7 - Explore The Shamanic Spiritual Supermarket with Carina Cariñosa

Carina Cariñosa, a Panama trained Shaman and author of Enlighten the F^ck Up, traverses the spiritual supermarket demystifying the science of spirituality and human psychology. She makes sense of illnesses and how to heal them energetically, nutritionally, combining plant medicines and psychology. We’ll discuss cultural nuances and actionable health solutions for over 650 different diseases and the weirdest true stories from around the world.

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Carina Carinosa

Carina is a 40 year old enlightened telepathic empath, metaphysical and paranormal psychologist, author, singer, dancer, shaman and ordained all-faiths minister residing in Austin Texas with roots in Panama. Carina combines the healing arts with spirit and energy science and is especially well known for her healing work with depression, sexual health, healing core traumas, and edible functional medicine that helps your body cope and recover from stress, malnutrition and addictions.



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