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Episode 76: Shamanism: What? How? Why? For Personal Development and Healing

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We will talk in depth about Shamanism and what it will do for you. We'll explore shamanic journeys, shadow work, long distance healing, dream work, rituals, divination, self healing, ancestral healing and how to reach altered states. We’ll discuss nature and its spirits, how to harness the power of psychopomp (What is this?) and soul retrieval, and how to connect with diverse types of spirits. These practices are not connected to a specific culture or religion.

Mark Nelson

I am originally from England but moved to Singapore when I was two years old and have travelled the world extensively since, including countries such as Tibet. For the last 28 years I have lived in Hong Kong. From a young age I read widely and had visionary experiences, which convinced me of the existence of other dimensions of what we refer to as reality. Later in life I experienced some of the classic signs of a spiritual calling, wanting to be in solitude and spending time in nature and wilderness. I finally stepped onto a Shamanic path, training first with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and then later with Shamans and Shamanic practitioners across the world. For over a decade I have been working as a practitioner helping clients, teaching workshops, and helping apprentices in their own shamanic development. A focus of my work is female empowerment. About five years ago I thought about writing a book based on the work that I was doing, the intention being to write the sort of book that I would have wanted to read when I was first exploring the Shamanic path. The result is a mixture of clear explanations of different types of rituals with what one reviewer referred to as " examples of real people doing the rituals and their experiences and results." I worked to structure the book so that it made the topic accessible to those new to the topic and who wanted to work on their own self-development rather than work as practitioners.



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