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Life's uncertain. That's for certain.

Are you looking for a way to

navigate the unknowns?

Almost everyone has the ability to access answers through the metaphysical plane but they need help to do it.

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Barb Crowley is an American Psychic, Metaphysical Expert, and Radio Host who uses her unique gifts to help people live joyfully and more fully in all areas of their life.


Combining her NYC business acumen with her vibrant psychic abilities, she brings a pragmatic approach to helping you see through the veil and resolve your biggest unknowns. 

Come discover what energy can do and how to use it so your decisions and choices are truly yours and easily decided. Trust yourself and the Universe again! 

How I Can Help You

  • Past Life, Pet Messages, Remove Cords Energy Removal, House Clearings

    30 min

    62.50 US dollars
  • Consultations & Clearings

    30 min

    62.50 US dollars

Recent Radio Episodes

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