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Barb Crowley

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I'm passionate about helping you know yourself and find your answers. 

Barb Crowley is an American Psychic and Metaphysical Expert who uses her unique gifts to help people live joyfully and more fully in all areas of their life. 


Barb spent years working in NYC Corporate America and running her own business in Colorado’s growing Natural Products Industry. 

Early on in her psychic experience, she shut down her gifts to ‘fit in’, but she always brought them through in time of need.  Barb described this early approach as “actively psychic in spurts”. 


Through training and mentors, she learned to be proactive in controlling the sheer volume of information that was coming to her. Years later, with considerable burnout from her work in the corporate sector, Barb decided to blend her years of study, practice, and business pragmatism into a step by step framework in applying practical Metaphysics. Instead of arbitrary ‘psychic hits’, Barb can call up the information she needs from the situation or spirit of the person she is reading. 


She says, “Your spirit has no boundaries and everything your spirit wants to share is available.” 

Starting with a person’s current situation and their reason for this life, she then explores how past lives are impacting their current life, relationships, work, and finances. On a higher level, Barb addresses a person's life path and strengths to clear energy congestion and spiritual blockages. 


Barb has the ability to look at all areas and she is excited to explore other spiritualist modalities; how they use their gifts and what they see. Perhaps, a form of Spiritual FOMO?


On Barb’s new show, Metaphysics:  A View Through The Veil, syndicated through Voice America, she visits with others who are able to communicate through the veil and explores the similarities and differences of what we all can experience. On the show, Barb plays with Energy and Spirit, and shares how to have fun with these other senses that we all possess. Her playful and pragmatic approach resonates with all audiences as they learn to see “Through the Veil” for themselves. 


Trained in the Berkley Psychic Institute Modalities 
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