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Episode 103: Recognizing Your Soul Purpose

In this inspiring episode, Kris and I talk about all things soul purpose - what is it, how is it designed, and how can we access it with ease in nature and in everyday life, even when living in a city. Our life/soul purpose is there for us to find and recognize, and finally knowing our purpose feeds our soul and enriches our life, leading us to rediscover our untamed nature. Join us to hear the discovery process, including taking an imaginary walk through nature and the Australian Rain Forest with Kris, and her experience and example of following her creativity to her soul purpose.

Kris Franken

Kris Franken is an author and wayshower. She’s a certified meditation guide and energy healer, women’s circle and retreat facilitator, and ritual and ceremony teacher. Kris has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and over 15 years’ experience as a professional writer. She is the author of two books, ‘The Call of Intuition’ and ‘Wildhearted Purpose’, and has written for many print and online magazines, including Grazia, real living, and Cosmopolitan. She has seven sets of cards published and works with people all over the world to rediscover their untamed nature. In everything she shares, she loves to empower others to live in the deepest alignment with their heart’s pulse. She lives gently in paradise on Bundjalung land in Byron Bay, Australia. Visit and Follow Kris at:



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