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Episode 106: Mysteries of the Aura - Subtle Energies around our Physical Body

Jean-Louis de Biasi introduces us to the mysteries of our Aura, the subtle energies surrounding our physical body. What came first, and what lasts the longest? How to see and understand auras using the Eastern and Western explanations, delving into the rich history as well as personal practice.

We’ll also get an introduction to Freemasonry.

Jean-Louis de Biasi

Jean-Louis de Biasi is an author, lecturer, and philosopher. He is also a certified yoga teacher practicing several branches of yoga for more than forty years. He has been initiated into the highest degrees of several Western traditions, is the Grand Master of the Aurum Solis – Mediterranean Yoga, and G. P. of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross. Prior to his involvement in American Freemasonry, he received the highest degrees in Freemasonry in Europe including the degrees of Egyptian Freemasonry. He specializes in Esoteric Freemasonry and rituals. With his wife Patricia, he is managing the international organizations mentioned before and teaching the 8 rays of Mediterranean Yoga all over the world. To learn more about Jean-Louis de Biasi, please visit him online at:



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