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Episode 110: Talking to Spirits

Sterling Moon, our guest today, incorporates traditional mediumship techniques with folk magic and paranormal investigation tools and strategies to communicate with spirits. Sterling talks about different kinds of spirits, how to safely hold a séance and why a haunted house can be a happy home.

Sterling Moon

Sterling Moon is a tarot reader, psychic medium, folk magician, animal communicator, published author, podcaster, and an educator on the mystical and strange. Sterling began reading tarot in 1995 and started teaching and reading professionally in 2013. She’s been sensitive to spirits since childhood, but her gifts didn’t fully come in until she gave birth to her son at age 36. She’s spent years studying and practicing folk magic, mediumship, and most recently, animal communication, and working with clients professionally. She began officially practicing mediumship in 2016 and was largely self-taught until she discovered the Scandinavian folk magic tradition of Trolldom. She was blessed with the opportunity to apprentice with Johannes Björn Gårdbäck, an internationally respected teacher and practitioner of Trolldom. Sterling has explored haunted places with her family since she was a kid and that experience folded into her spirit communication work nicely. This all led to her first published book, Talking to Spirits: A Modern Medium’s Practical Advice for Spirit Communication, which was published by Llewelyn Books in early 2023. Sterling started a school called the Sterling Moon Divination Academy in 2021 where she teaches tarot and divination, mediumship, and more through her programs Building Blocks, Prophecy Posse, Modern Mediums, and her annual Beyond the Veil Mediumship and Paranormal Weekender.



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