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Episode 134: Discernment In Choosing Your Spiritual Path

Integrity, Perseverance, Compassion and Discernment are essential components of any lasting spiritual path and helps you answer the three fundamental questions: Who am I, What am I really looking for in my Spiritual Quest, and What is the deep motivation of my search? Pierre Pradervand, our guest today, discusses his own spiritual difficulties and how he reoriented his spiritual quest in a straightforward, less dogmatic way.

Pierre Pradervand

Pierre Pradervand studied in Bern (Switzerland) and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He received his doctorate from the University of La Sorbonne, Paris. In 1965 Pierre went to Algeria to work as a demographer running a nationwide survey on population issues. He later worked with the American Friends Service Committee in the Sahel (Senegal), but covering all of French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, where he introduced the first information programs on family planning in the region of the world with the highest birth rates.

Without the slightest experience in journalism, Pierre started a periodical magazine, Famille et Développement, on basic family development issues. The magazine became very successful in an area where some countries didn’t even have a single newspaper. Early 1980, Pierre returned to his native Switzerland, where he worked in the field of public education on Third World issues for schools, before starting his own workshops on personal development and spirituality which he ran for 30 years (1992 – 2022).

He now concentrates essentially on writing (he has written a good 20 books published in 12 languages including Russian, Arabic and Japanese.) However, at 86 he occasionally still runs workshops in addition to his writing. His exceptional wife Elly runs a unique foundation, Women’s World Summit Foundation, with a new world program, “75”, since 75% of the world’s population are women, children and youth with almost no power in world leadership.



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