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Episode# 139: Metaphysical Energy Healing, A Guided Journey

Dr. Bill Schroeder discusses his journey from studying the body to studying the energetic and healing dimensions needed to heal and how it works. Is this the future of medicine? Dr. Bill will then bring us on a guided meditation for the full experience.

Dr. William Schroeder

Doctor William R Schroeder, DO, MCDB, is a ABIM Board-Certified Internal Medicine Specialist Physician with over 33 years’ experience, practicing in central Colorado. He is an accomplished Molecular Biologist. He is an Integrative Medicine Specialist, having graduated from the University of Arizona School of Medicines’ Associate Program in Integrative Medicine under the famous Dr. Andrew Weil, MD in 2002. He is a student of the renowned energy medicine teacher and practitioner Dr. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, D.D. Known as the “Molecular Comic,” he is a Professional Stand-up Comedian, opening for Roseanne Barr and Tim Allen to name a few. He has successfully incorporated a form of “Medical Qi Gong” into his standard western medical practice. His passions are Healing, Medicine, Science, and the exploration of Human Consciousness and Human Potential. He enjoys writing and public speaking. He is available for podcasts, speaking engagements, and as a freelance content author. Visit his website He is a medical intuitive and distance or remote healer and is available for Private Consultation as an Integrative Medicine Specialist and Healer. Has partnered with the Center for Neuroacoustic Research to provide a unique mind-body resort and spa technology.



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