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Episode 140 Astrology Unveiled

L. Alexandra guides us through the fundamentals, historical background, various lineages, and diverse forms of Astrology, shedding light on its potential benefits. She provides a gentle and straightforward explanation of the more intricate aspects of this ancient practice for the newly initiated and seasoned astrologers alike, while also answering all my questions from the scientific validation of Astrology to the cosmic significance of eclipses.

L. Alexandra

L. Alexandra has practiced tarot and oracle readings for over 20 years, and gazed at the stars and their mysteries since childhood. With a background in modern psychological as well as traditional Hellenistic Astrology, in addition to an academic background in Communication, Psychology, Greek Philosophy, Education, and Literary Analysis, L. pursues the magic of making meaning out of life and all it offers. Over the last 5 years, L. has also entered into energy-body practices, ancestral healing, shadow work, and archetypal and animistic practices, studying with the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing. Through the synthesis of all these elements, L. strives to help people better understand their own symbolic languages and what those languages can teach us. Whether in stars, cards, or through tending spirit, there's always an open line of communication and guidance available. In this way, the mission of L.'s Wordwitcher project, whether in private sessions or the classroom, is to teach people how to access it themselves in a way that inspires and nourishes their soul's purpose.



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