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Episode 156 - The Joy and Healing Power of Spiritual Experiences

How often do we ignore our spirit’s whispering voice and subtle signs. Are they as quiet and hidden as we think or do we just not acknowledge them? Aren’t these stepping stones on the path of spiritual awareness? We all have unexpected moments that take us out of our ordinary lives and into a sense of the extraordinary. The awe of the beauty of a quiet snowfall, the early morning sky, brings us to the moment of recognition of the larger world, the vibration of beauty, the expansiveness of the human heart and mind allowing us to access insights and feelings that help us to make peace with even the most difficult and confusing life circumstances. Jonathan Ellerby, our guest today, helps us recognize these spirit opening whispers in our everyday world and brings us along the Seven Gateways of Spiritual Experience to explore the non-ordinary modes of perception and the super-states of consciousness that underlie them allowing us to face life with passion, purpose and resilience; allowing our human selves to join our spiritual selves for the full breadth of life.

Jonathan Ellerby

Dr. Jonathan Ellerby stands out as an extraordinary spiritual growth and consciousness expert offering a rare background including advanced academic degrees and research, combined with decades of practical leadership and applied experience in settings as diverse as hospitals, rural communities, Fortune 500 boardrooms, international settings, and premier retreat and resort facilities. Along with 35 years of personal experience, Jonathan has traveled the world to explore countless cultural approaches to transformation and spiritual growth. Author of 5 books, there are few topics in the world of consciousness, culture, religion, and spirituality that Jonathan cannot address with clarity, insight and an inspiring perspective.

Jonathan Ellerby's book offers a compelling exploration of spiritual experiences, blending firsthand accounts with insightful guidance. The author skillfully reveals how these experiences can be integrated into our lives for personal growth and understanding. Through engaging stories and practical exercises, readers are encouraged to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness and their significance. The book serves as a roadmap for navigating these encounters, ultimately empowering readers to approach life with renewed passion and resilience. Overall, it's a valuable resource for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.



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