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Episode 157 - Encore The Mystic and Spiritual Significance of Easter and Passover

Michael Maciel, our guest today, delves into the mystic view of Easter and Passover. He explains how these two holidays are deeply connected, and how they represent the two aspects of spiritual initiation – death and resurrection. Michael explores the symbolism behind the Passover story, and how it teaches us the about the need to leave behind our old ways of thinking and behaving. He also discusses how Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection represent the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate triumph of the spirit over the material world. Michael draws on his extensive knowledge of mysticism and esoteric teachings to help us better understand the deeper meanings behind these two important holidays.

Michael Maciel

Michael Maciel is the author of his newest book 'World Priest'. In 1972, Michael was ordained a priest by Father Paul into the Holy Order of MANS, a philosophy and religious group marrying scientific knowledge with the mystical view of Christianity, and in 2011 he was initiated into Mastery by Master Timothy Harris of the Gnostic Order of Christ. Michael’s teacher once told himl: “If something is spiritually correct, it must also be scientifically correct.” Making imminent sense, this has motivated Michael over the years to find the parallel streams of consciousness in these two approaches to truth. During his lifelong training, Michael had gotten to know and studied with great Sufi teacher Murshid Samuel Lewis. He had the good fortune of meeting, conversing, and meditating with Katagiri Roshi, a student of Daisetz Suzuki and head of the Minnesota Zen Center in Minneapolis. He took a complete course in Tarot symbolism given personally by Jason Lotterhand, the renowned Tarot expert and one-time head of the Builders of the Adytum in Los Angeles. These lessons were generously supplemented by Mother Ruth Blighton, the Co-Director of the Holy Order of MANS, who spent many hours with Michael one-on-one explaining the deeper truths hidden in the Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the Tarot. Michael is influenced and deeply indebted to A Course in Miracles, Huston Smith, Joseph Campbell, J. Krishnamurti, the scientists David Bohm, Richard Feynman, and Hans Jenny.

"World Priest" is an inspirational manual that emphasizes the innate calling to serve God and humanity, regardless of gender, education, or religious affiliation. It challenges readers to recognize their unique paths to spiritual leadership, highlighting that one can be a catalyst for world transformation in everyday life. Start your journey to becoming a World Priest today!



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