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Episode 158 - The Faces of Tarot: History, Mystery, and Philosophy

Simon Kenny, my guest today, discusses his critical introduction to Tarot, which explores the intersection of tarot, mysticism, and philosophy. He delves into the historical origins of tarot, its connections to mediumship and telepathy, and the challenges in scientifically testing its accuracy. Simon provides insight on the role of intuition, unconscious, and the collective unconscious in tarot readings, offering a philosophical perspective on the practice

Simon Kenny

Simon Kenny is an author, technologist and educator whose work combines probing questions with technical thinking. He began writing at university, where he graduated top of his class and continued to blog about technology and political philosophy. Simon has taught as a lecturer at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He works as a software developer, reading and writing to better understand the contemporary world when not writing code. His book, A Critical Introduction to Tarot, is published by Iff Books and available now everywhere you buy your books. A Critical Introduction to Tarot presents Tarot to the incredulous and curious, to those who wish to know the basis for its continued cultural relevance. Simon is based in Galway, Ireland.


In "A Critical Introduction to Tarot," Simon Kenny delves into the historical and metaphysical underpinnings of Tarot, exploring its cultural relevance beyond mere fortune telling. Kenny presents Tarot as a multifaceted practice intertwined with witchcraft, psychology, numerology, and more, offering a comprehensive view for those curious about its recent resurgence in popularity. This accessible book aims to demystify Tarot, making it a compelling read for both the incredulous and the intrigued.



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