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Episode 166 - The Way Of The Wild Soul Woman

Do you feel like you have lost yourself, or are just lost in general? Mary Reynolds Thompson introduces us to the five archetypes of the Wild Soul Woman’s psyche—the untamed, unashamed, and unstoppable aspects of inner feminine power that many women, and men, have forgotten or disconnected from. We explore Spiritual Ecology and the intersection of Women’s Liberation and Earth’s Restoration. We'll see how ancient Earth wisdom can help us to heal from cultural wounds and find a different source of strength, how these Earth archetypes are part of larger rewilding of the psyche that is being called forth at this time.

Mary Reynolds Thompson

MARY REYNOLDS THOMPSON, capf, cpcc, is an award- winning author, internationally recognized speaker, and a facilitator of poetry therapy. A pioneer in the spiritual ecology movement, her focus is on the transformative power of landscape archetypes and nature metaphors to reveal our true purpose and right relationship with the planet. Author of The Way of the Wild Soul Woman and Reclaiming the Wild Soul, a 2015 Nautilus Award-winner, Mary’s writings have also appeared in numerous other publications and anthologies. Through her books, courses, and talks, she reaches creatives, change-makers, and seekers who long to awaken to their most courageous and Earth-connected selves and have the impact they desire. Mary’s own wild soul was awakened as a child, riding a pig called Ramona over the dusty trails of Southern Italy. Since then, she has trekked all over the world, and her connection to nature continues to sustain her decades-long recovery from alcoholism. For her, the wildest terrain has always been that of the wild soul.

The Way of the Wild Soul Woman

Mary Reynolds Thompson's book offers a transformative journey through the five Earth Woman Archetypes, each representing a unique aspect of feminine power and wisdom. The author guides readers through profound initiations, enriched with rituals, exercises, meditations, and journal prompts, designed to help integrate these archetypal stages into everyday life. By exploring how to overcome the core wounds associated with each Archetype, readers learn to harness their empowering qualities and embody their wisdom. Thompson’s work is interwoven with inspiring stories and beautiful illustrations, emphasizing the deep connection between women's inner lives and the natural world. Ultimately, this book is a call to reclaim one's authentic self, creativity, and healing potential through the powerful symbolism of ancient Earth Archetypes.



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