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Episode 168 - Past Life Regression Into Your Dark Soul Lifetimes

Where have you been on your soul journey? How can you accept and transcend the post traumatic stress that you carry from your past lives, especially your past lives as a dark soul? Remnants of these traumas are playing out in your current life. Facing your fears is your only true path to freedom and facing who you, and all of us, have really been in our past lives makes this so very important. Were we all the ‘nice guy’ or do we have dark lives during our soul journey and are we willing to look at who we have really been and what we have truly experienced? Have we had lives as ‘Lost Souls’? At what cost? What have we learned? What is the cost of not looking? Karen Joy will talk about the arc of our soul development from innocence through our ‘dark night of the soul’ until we emerge into light and wisdom. In her new book “Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape our Future” Karen Joy challenges us to fully realize that our brightest light shines through our deepest darkness. We are designed to experience trauma, while suffering is optional. As we grow as souls, we will eventually understand the purpose of our lives and find meaning in our challenges, ultimately feeling grateful for all we have learned.

Karen Joy

For twenty years, Karen was a psychologist in private practice before becoming a past life and life between lives hypnosis practitioner. She has conducted hundreds of hypnotic regressions, in person and via Zoom, and has clients all around the world. She has written four books on past life and life between lives regressions, including, as co-author, the best-selling Wisdom of Souls. As well as running her regression practice and writing books, she conducts a popular podcast where she speaks to ordinary people who share their experience of visiting their past lives and life between lives. The podcast is called Exploring Past Lives with Karen Joy and is available on most podcast platforms. Karen’s latest book, Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future, was released this year.

Drawing on her most compelling client cases, author Karen Joy shows you the natural arc of a soul’s journey over many lifetimes—including violent or negative ones—until we finally come back to the light. This book reveals how souls begin, how they enter lives on earth, and how experiencing a diverse range of lives teaches them to be wiser and happier.



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