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Episode 171 -Who, What and Where are Angels, and Why Now?

In an international study, 75 percent of participants said they believe in angels and of those, 36 percent indicated they had an angel experience or encounter. Scott Geurin, our Guest today, will help us understand and connect with Angels. He will introduce us to the history of angels throughout religion, science, and psychology and their dimensional levels of existence. Where do we and angels fit in? Who and what are Spirit Teams and do we all have one? What about ‘The Rapture’? Do angels have free will? And, of course, we’ll talk about our Guardian Angels. Through all of this, Scott helps us connect with Angels and our Spirit Team and shares why it is so important right now. His book is Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels

Dr. Scott Guerin

The driving force behind Dr. Scott Guerin’s life has been his passion for unraveling the mysteries of God, Universe, and Source, and the intricate tapestry of their relationship with humanity. A distinguished author, educator, and retired healthcare professional, Scott is committed to the exploration of spiritual development. With two master’s degrees and a doctorate in human development with a focus on spiritual development, Scott’s journey has been a remarkable one that delves into the profound realms of the human spirit. His popular Angel in Training series describes how society has begun to shift from organized religion to spirituality. Through it, Scott shares his experiences over decades of pursuing a spiritual life, resulting in three books, A Spiritual Journey and 12 Lessons, that document his journey to spiritual freedom. His conclusion is that we are all angels in training— eternal, connected, and capable beyond belief. His new book, Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels was written by Dr. Guerin and renowned intuitive Nichole Bigley, this book shares the history of angels throughout religion, science, and psychology. In addition, detailed instructions are provided to help you connect with your spirit team.

"Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels" by Dr. Scott Guerin and Nichole Bigley explores the widespread belief in angels, supported by a study showing that 75 percent of participants believe in them. The book appeals to believers, skeptics, and those in between by sharing the history of angels through the lenses of religion, science, and psychology. It also provides practical instructions for connecting with one's spirit team. Through a combination of true stories, data, and expert advice, the book serves as a comprehensive guide for those interested in angels. Overall, it's an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to understand and communicate with these divine beings.



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