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Episode 172 - The Life of a Psychic Detective: John Oliver's Remarkable Stories

Join me today as I dive into the enigmatic world of John Oliver, one of America's top psychic intuitives. John takes us through his thrilling career that spans psychic police work, ghost hunting, and starring roles in TV series like Haunting Evidence and Door to the Dead. From a fascinating start at the age of 16 that catapulted him into the spotlight, John discusses the intricacies of remote viewing, his unique methods, and the legalities of working with law enforcement. We also explore the dynamic intersection of psychic abilities and academia, and ponder on the collective power of psychic consciousness to influence global events. Tune in to hear John's personal anecdotes, professional insights, and his undeniable passion for connecting with people. Don't miss this intriguing conversation that promises to leave you questioning the boundaries of reality. Visit John at his Richmond, Virginia shops or connect with him online at

John Oliver

John is one of America’s premier psychic intuitives living in New York City. He has an extensive background in psychic police work, ghost investigations, personal readings and starred in the Court TV series Haunting Evidence and Door to the Dead. Known for his amazing accuracy and uncanny insight, John has worked professionally as an in-demand psychic since his teenage years. Having presented thousands of seminars throughout the United States and Europe on how to develop your ESP, he has also given over 13,000 powerful readings to individuals from all walks of life. For seven years, John taught courses in ‘Psychic Development’ at the University of Virginia and at J. Sargeant Reynolds College’s Continuing Education Department in Richmond, Virginia. In 1997, John presented a special program, “The Enlightened Individual: The Key to an Enlightened World” at the United Nations.



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