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Episode 173 - The Infinite Human Being

We have now entered an unprecedented time in history not only for our planet but for our entire time matrix. We are returning home to infinite source on the Krystala Spiral of Life. We have been living a hero/ heroine's journey experiencing the light and dark of creation. We have fallen into the depths of darkness as part of a great learning experience about ourselves as infinite human beings! But now is the time to reclaim our true divine infinite nature as angelic beings. It is time to end the cycle of death, pain, misery, loneliness and separation and return to the unity. power and love of the ONENESS OF ALL THINGS. There is emerging on the face of the Earth a new Human an Infinite Human and that human is YOU!

Elizabeth Monroy

Elizabeth Monroy is an International Author, Film Director, Producer, and Visionary Artist. Her genres include Children’s books such as The Magical Mist, which empowers children’s creativity, Romance Novels like, The Chronicles of MerWorld, about the rise and fall of The Divine Feminine and Sacred Sexual Alchemy and her latest book is The Infinite Human, an Ascension Guide for Awakening Infinite Human Beings, Star Seeds, Twin Souls, and the Co- creators of the Infinite New 5D Earth. She holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling and combines her Intuitive abilities to be of service to our Earth and humanity during our current Ascension Cycle. She has over thirty years of experience, working with her husband, a physician, traveling around the planet, laying a foundation for a higher modality of co-healing incorporating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures of the human. Together they wrote the book The Pathway Home to help the emerging New Co-Healers of our planet. Elizabeth has based her work on this foundation and uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals learn to trust their own intuition, heal all areas of their lives and inwardly “ascend” into Infinite Humans Beings. She has worked within the educational system for years and, frustrated by the lack of creativity and independent thought, moved to Florence, Italy where she founded The Infinite Human School for Visionaries of The New Consciousness Renaissance.

Enjoy this extraordinary book!

This book is a profound exploration of spiritual awakening and cosmic disclosure, urging readers to recognize their inherent divinity and potential. The author's journey, intertwined with that of their twin soul, offers a narrative rich with esoteric knowledge, supernatural phenomena, and a quest to revolutionize modern medicine. It is a compelling blend of a love story, a hero's journey, and an alchemist's memoir, revealing the power of healing past wounds and achieving eternal love. The book challenges readers to awaken from the illusions of the world and embrace their role in the ascension to a higher dimension. Ultimately, it is an inspiring call to become the master builders of a new, infinite Earth, emphasizing that our true liberation lies in awakening to our infinite nature.



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