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Episode 18 - Meditate With Crystals and Change Your Life

Learn the easy way to meditate. Jolie DeMarco, author of 'How To Meditate With Crystals' will guide you to raise your frequency and find your bliss. Learn 5 unique methods to meditate; step by step. Plus 33 purposeful guided meditations that will enhance your outlook and change your life. Meditations include how to create abundance, manifest your desires, calming your mind, reduce stress levels along with how to shift and uplift your vibrations to bring ultimate connectedness to your god, sources, angels and guides. You will understand how to release unwanted energy from your body, how clearing and cleansing your aura and chakras allow a lighter energy flow for a peaceful mindset. It is possible you can become a beacon of love and enhance mindful lifestyle actions, sync to your soul, reach goals and positive self-connections. Meditation is the best habit you can create.

Jolie DeMarco

Jolie DeMarco is an International author, professional psychic and Metaphysical Expert. She is a Master of Crystal Healing and Purposeful Meditation. She’s an inspirational speaker advocating wellness with a high vibe lifestyle. She is president of My Flora Aura, a mindful meditation Center and Metaphysical retail space in Boca Raton Florida. Jolie is the founder of a retail website for Learning and purchasing Rocks -n- Remedies. She is also a gifted medium and Clairvoyant channel giving more than one thousand readings per year. She has been featured on TLC television for her psychic abilities. Jolie, a worldwide published Author with Llewelyn Publishing her books: High Vibe Crystal Healing and How to Meditate with Crystals. Jolie additionally authored over 8 books, 5 oracle decks, phone apps and several downloadable Guided Meditations to change your frequency. She can be viewed on Roku Television on the “My Metaphysical Channel”. You can follow Jolie on FB , YOUTUBE and her podcasts.



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