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Episode 2 - House Clearings -Time for New Energy with Mona Frey and David Stevens

Let's remove the old energy, the Spirits, The Ghosts, the COVID trapped feeling and let's fill your home and business with the essence and vibration you want to make it feel light and happy and homey, or successful for business. We'll talk about how and what a house clearing is and how we do it, and how it happens. David Stevens will bring us through how he clears a house, what he's doing when he's working, what does he see, feel, remove and leave. How does he set the feeling (vibration) of your house or business. Mona Frey will talk about what it was like when I cleared her Chicago apartment, and later her Pennsylvania land, and what the results were. She will tell us her journey of becoming a Reiki Master of people and animals, and how through the animals, she is learning how to Reiki a house.

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Mona Frey

David Stevens



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