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Episode 20: Mysticism and Shamanism of the Medicine Doctors of Africa

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During the African Apartheid, Black and White people’s lives were completely separated, and so was their medicine. The Medicine Doctor, The Sangoma (Zulu name for Shaman), was accepted and used by half the population while the other half of the population thought it was nonsense. Now, the Sangoma is recognized by the Government of Africa as official healers and their craft as a certified healing modality. The mysticism and healing paradigm of Africa will be explored and experienced through my guest today, Lionel Friedberg, who was born and grew up in South Africa. His new book, ‘Forever In My Veins’, brings us on his journey of how being a filmmaker led him to the mysterious world of the African Shaman, how they predicted his life and in the end, how they saved his life. Our lives, the world and the cosmos are stranger and more wonderful than we can ever imagine.

Lionel Friedberg

Emmy Award-winning, Columbus Film Festival Award-winning and American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Westinghouse Award-winning Lionel Friedberg was born in South Africa. He began his career working in the first television station in Central Africa—in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia)—in 1961. He later photographed 18 feature motion pictures as Director of Photography in South Africa and then expanded his career to directing numerous dramatic TV episodes as well as writing, photographing and directing scores of documentaries and non-fiction productions. For many years he was Chairman of the South African Film & Television Technicians Association (SAFTTA.) In 1966 he worked in Canada as a cinematographer with the prestigious National Film Board of Canada in Montreal. After a long and successful career running his own company as producer, writer, cinematographer and director on a variety of productions in South Africa he moved to the United States in 1986. For the past 35 years he has specialized in documentaries, filming all over the world and winning numerous awards including a Primetime Emmy Award for the cinematography of a National Geographic Special for PBS. Author of three non-fiction books, he is a New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestselling author. He is a vegan, environmentalist, animal rights supporter. His interests include ancient history, cosmology, aviation, classical music, collecting rare motion picture soundtracks, consciousness, paranormal.



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