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Episode 30: Introduction to Angels and Angel Numbers, with a Twist

From Skeptic to Believer! Leeza Robertson brings us from left brain skeptic to Angel communication believer. She utilizes this connection to teach us how to discover and manage our lives through Angels and Numbers using her book, The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers.

Press play below:

Leeza Robertson

Leeza is an international bestselling author with 8 publications selling across the globe in multiple languages. She is introducing her newest book, The Diving Practice of Angel Numbers. Leeza has spoken to audiences across the planet both large and intimate, Live and virtual. Every time she is finished speaking people all say the same thing “that was not what I was expecting!” In the last three years Leeza has turned her focus to the world of business, where she works alongside another Maverick, Pamela Chen. Together they are disrupting what it means to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur. Making people stop in their tracks and really think about what it means to create something of value and purpose. You can contact Leeza through her website:



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