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Episode 3 - Energy Impact on People, especially Caregivers with Paul Caire

How does patient energy impact people and especially caregivers? As a Registered Nurse and a Psychic, our guest today, Paul Caire, has combined his skills to work with this energy. He is here to enlighten us on how energy works. Paul will also do some readings, energy clearings and share a meditation that caregivers and everyone can use to clear their energy field.

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Paul Caire

Paul Caire has been a practicing healer since 1992; practicing Psychic and teacher since 1996. He uses his skills to support spiritual, physical awareness, healing and growth. Paul had traveled the world training with psychics and healers of various kinds. He is the director of The Sarasota Psychic Institute and Graceful Awakenings; A spiritual oasis where a soul can discover itself and its’ truth.



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