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Episode 32: Pendulums, Tapping and Remote Viewing, Art of Scrying & Dowsing

We will discuss the art of scrying which is an ancient form of remote viewing and dowsing which is a special form of divination using various tools such as a divining rod or pendulum. We will talk about new and effective techniques of both scrying and dowsing and the practical uses for these psychic tools. Jenny Tyson, the author of The Art of Scrying and Dowsing, will be my guest.

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Jenny Tyson

Jenny has been an RN for 30 years, even as she pursued her interest in the paranormal, UFOs, divination and remote viewing. She began following Donald Tyson's writings and contacted him in 2007. They married 6 months later and are still in this very successful marriage. Jenny published her first book, Spiritual Alchemy, in 2014 and has just published her second book, The Art of Scrying and Dowsing, this year. She believes everyone can use divination and continues to teach it. Her next book, The Art of Channeling is expected to be released in 2022 and published by:



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