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Episode 33: Spiritual and Psychic Properties of Food

Get to know the spiritual usages, psychic messages and power of the foods you are eating, using and serving. Discover how even the most mundane ingredients hold the power to manifest an intention. Laurel Woodward, author of Kitchen Witchery, tells us that black-eyed peas are good for fortune and prosperity, banana bread attracts love and abundance, fruit salads enhance health and beauty, and garlic can protect against evil. Laurel also charts the different moon phases and suggests corresponding days of the week that are considered optimal for certain recipes. We will talk about many of her delightful recipes and thumbnail histories of ingredients’ spiritual usages (such as of the seven sacred grains of Europe), which are also shared in her book, Kitchen Witchery.

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Laurel Woodward

Laurel Woodward is a writer, gardener, kitchen witch, and tarot reader living a magickal life in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of Kitchen Witchery: Unlocking the Magick in Everyday Ingredients and has been following a solitary, nature-centric practice for 20 years. You can reach Laurel at



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