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Episode 34: Numerology, The Magical & Mystical Effect Of Numbers

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Numbers are a language of the universe. In Numerology, each number carries a different vibration and frequency. All of us have a unique set of numbers calculated using our name and birthday. We will learn what each number means and how these numbers effect our lives and destinies. We'll explore the practical and mystical significance of numbers for attracting and creating fulfillment in our lives and how 2021-2022 can be utilized in the most beneficial way Francoise Netter, a Psychic Numerologist, will be our educator and guide.

Francoise Netter

Francoise E Netter, M.A. is a globally recognized Psychic/Numerologist, clairvoyant, author, master teacher and yoga/movement specialist She Françoise has been giving clairvoyant readings since she was nine years old when she first realized her gift, she learned astrology in her 20s which she later combined with her study of Numerology. Francoise has given thousands of readings for clients all over the world and from every walk of life. Francoise is an author and master educator and has been featured on television and radio, You Tube, several CDs and in magazine and newspaper articles including The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, The Boulder Camera, Health Club Magazine, Science and Spirit Magazine and Circles of Seven Magazine and numerous podcasts and online venues. You can contact Francoise by emailing her at



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