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Episode 37: The Language of Prosperity: Why Your Words Matter!

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Listen to Peg Donahue, co-author of Money Is an Energy Game with Madeline Gerwick, discuss why your words and stories are directly connected to your bank account. Discover how to express yourself in ways that attract more positive and prosperous experiences.

Peg Donahue

Margaret M. (Peg) Donahue is a highly skilled business and personal consultant, teacher, and coach specializing in feng shui, clearing energies and blockages, and refocusing clients to live authentic, prosperous lives using easy and practical tools. Through many types of training, and her numerous years in business leadership, she mastered the art of energy and its impact on personal and business success. Peg holds an MBA from Boston University and a BA from Georgetown University. She is also a graduate of three professional feng shui programs, the Building Biology Institute, Space and Personal Clearing trainings, plus several coaching and intuitive development programs. She also taught and certified feng shui practitioners for seven years at her own school, The New England Center for Feng Shui and Intuitive Arts, in addition to an eight-year collaboration with Karen Kallie, of Living Energy Works, on stress-reduction programs. Throughout her life and career Peg has demonstrated a unique ability to help individuals and teams achieve success. This includes a highly successful twenty-one-year career (including seven years as a vice president and general manager) with one of the leading database marketing firms in the country. Working with large nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries, Peg was often tasked with turning the most challenging teams and circumstances around. She used the same tools then as she does today.

Money is an Energy Game:

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