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Episode 40: Psychic Detective, Remote Viewing and Crime Investigations

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Psychic Detectives! They are real and working with our law enforcement behind the scenes. What is it really like and how are some psychics able to help solve crimes, find missing people, know who attacked them and why, and most important, where to find these attackers to help bring them to justice. Remote Viewing is one of the tools they use to ‘see the target’ and figure out where a crime has taken place and what happened. Military trained remote viewing! Governments around the world have investigated gathering information through remote viewing and developed a technique for positive outcomes. Pam Coronado, America’s Psychic Detective, is here to walk us through investigations where she used her intuitive training and psychic abilities. She has worked with law enforcement ranging from small town police departments to federal agencies, nationally and internationally. She will also share her fascinating story of how she became a psychic detective.

Pam Coronado

Pam Coronado had a relatively normal life until things took an unexpected left turn in 1996 after dreaming about the location of a missing local woman She courageously helped find the body and saw the ruthless killer brought to justice. Soon Pam found herself working on some of the nation’s highest profile cases and learning as much about crime forensics and missing persons as she learned about meditation, intuition and spiritual healing. Pa pursued psychic training to assist the FBI and other law enforcement agencies worldwide with heart-rending criminal cases, including Chandra Levy, Natalee Holloway, the D.C. Snipers, Vanessa Guillen, William Tyrell, and the Golden State Killer. Her solid reputation as a psychic detective garners numerous television appearances to showcase her astonishing talents live on camera, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and a starring role in Sensing Murder for Investigation Discovery. Pam served as the first and only female President of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), an organization of former military psychic spies. Wanting to use her talents to do the most good, Pam became Search and Rescue certified to help with missing persons. Pam currently teaches others to develop intuitive skills and embrace their unconventional selves through deep spiritual studies as well as instructing students to utilize remote viewing and blaze their own trail as a psychic detective.



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