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Episode 45: Remote Viewing - A Deep Dive

Press play below:

Remote Viewing. A psychic phenomena? A para-military tool? Can anyone do it? Are you being watched? What is Remote Viewing? How does it work, and what can a viewer really see? What is the accuracy rate? And for us: Can we win the lottery? Can we use it for our World Series Bet? To Win our Super Bowl Wager? Should we spend our afternoon at the Casino? Is the stock market going up and who will be President? Today we will talk with Jon Knowles about Remote Viewing, the different kinds and procedures, the history, the uses and the acceptance at the highest level of government.

Jon Knowles

Jon Knowles has 20 years experience as a remote viewer, analyst, project manager, group manager and instructor. He is a Harvard University and University of California, Berkeley graduate and the author of ‘Remote viewing from the Ground Up’ and co-author of ‘Associative Remote Viewing: The Art & Science of Predicting Outcomes of Sports, Politics, Finances and the Lottery’.



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