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Episode 46: The Feminine Vibration - Divine Mother Healing

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We are going to explore a relationship with the feminine force of Creation, the female aspect of God, the Divine Mother. Our guest today on the show, Connie Huebner, will introduce us to Divine Mother Healing and share Vibration Healing Tools for your Body , Mind and Spirit from her book of the same name. She will share her journey to the Divine Mother.

Connie Huebner

Connie Huebner was living a normal life as a college student until she challenged God to show her that He existed! One warm autumn evening laying in a green field staring up into the night sky, she was suddenly swept into an incredible experience of Oneness with all that existed. Never the same again, she spent the next several years looking for others who lived in that reality, finally experiencing that homecoming in the eyes of a number of awakened teachers of the time, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Ram Dass. Connie was not done yet, she wanted a direct conversation with God or as she termed it “seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within.” Going deep into the reaches of consciousness, she began to perceive that conversation—and as she asked questions, answers came. She assigned words to the healing technologies that were imparted and she saw profound changes in herself and others. The more she probed, the deeper she went—first through Jesus and the Ascended Masters—and finally after 13 years-- a direct experience of Divine Mother, the feminine force of Creation, the female aspect of God! Awed beyond comprehension, Connie became a leading teacher of Divine Mother's healing and wisdom for humanity. For the past 20 years, Connie Huebner has honed, refined, employed and taught the Vibrational Healing Tools that have been introduced to her via Divine Mother.



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