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Episode 48: Encounter, Abduction and Communications with Extraterrestrials

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Keith Anthony Blanchard, author of 6 books, Founder and host for Center of Light Radio, is with us today to recount his first hand experiences with Extraterrestrials. He tells us of his initial awakening to memories of lost time and place through detailed connection and abductions. As an adult, he is more present during his abductions and communications, and will share his experiences with the highly evolved extraterrestrials, their spaceships, their means of communicating, and his perceptions and feelings about these encounters.

Keith Anthony Blanchard

Keith Blanchard was born on November 30, 1963, in Houma, Louisiana, and had a typical middle class Catholic upbringing. At 33 years old, he watched a TV show that somehow awakened memories of childhood nighttime experiences that had long been submerged. His lost time and waking up in different places, but always looking up as though there was something he was looking at, finally brought the recognition that there had been communication with other beings. His remembering reopened that communication. Keith is the author of several books, including his original book which is now a best seller, "The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven on Earth," "For the Love of God: A Spiritual Journey" and the children's book series named after his son, "Eden Sky Wonders Why." Mr. Blanchard has produced and co-produced two films, "Do What You Love" and "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth." As a spiritual teacher, Keith is remarkable in his naturally sincere love and acceptance of all people which is palpable to those who connect with him. When speaking to a live audience, Keith brings his gift of deep intuition to attune the conversation to the most immediate needs and desires of his audience. As a live presenter and spiritual leader, his broad and vast spiritual wisdom and background enlightens and resonates with a wide range of spiritual seekers and Light Workers.



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