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Episode 52: The Material World As A Spiritual School-A Deep Dive

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Today we are taking a deep dive into 'Earth is a School', the latest book by William Wildblood, where he presents the case for the material world as a spiritual school, specifically tailored to develop consciousness and bring the human soul closer to recognition of its Divine Source. Is this world a training ground for the next? He has particular reference to the present time as one of decision and a kind of end of term examination. This and conversation with Spiritual Teachers and Masters.

William Wildblood

William Wildblood was born in London. After a period working as an antiques dealer, he left the UK. He went to South India where he ran a guesthouse for a few years, and later ran a guest house in France. He returned to England at the end of the 20th century. He has since worked for BBC magazines in various capacities, including seven years as an antiques columnist. He has written 5 books on spiritual subjects including Meeting the Masters (2012), Remember The Creator (2019) and Earth is a School (2021).



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