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Episode 55: MUFON Mutual UFO Network – The Inside Story

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Our guest is Stacey Wright, the Director of Arizona and Phoenix’s MUFON Groups, one of the largest groups in the country. Arizona is a hotspot for UFO activity. Stacey will discuss the qualifications, training and findings of UFO researchers, explore the Arizona abduction of Travis Walton and muse about the possible inner/inter dimensional aspect of UFOs.

Stacey Wright

Stacey Wright is the State Director for Arizona MUFON, and also the Director of Phoenix MUFON. Stacey is a certified Field Investigator and STAR Team member for MUFON and over the past 15 years, has helped to build the Phoenix MUFON chapter from ground up to become MUFON International’s 2017 Chapter Of The Year. Stacey has worked as team leader on Roswell archaeological Digs with Don Schmitt, helped design and produce the Phoenix Lights exhibit for the Arizona Historical Society Museum, acted as MUFON’s coordinator for the 2018 and 2019 Field Investigator Boot Camps, and was team leader for the revision of MUFON’s State Director Handbook.



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