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Episode 57: Travis Walton, UFO Abductee, In-Depth by Jen Stein

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One of the most significant UFO encounters of all time, Travis Walton was abducted by aliens from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest near Snowflake, Arizona on November 5th, 1975. He went missing for 5 days and 6 hours. The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known alien abduction reports. Some scientific skeptics still consider it a hoax. Our guest today is the film maker, Jennifer W Stein, who produced the award winning documentary, Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton. In the documentary Walton recounts the now world famous 1975 UFO abduction and the impact this event has had on his life over the intervening years. Jen Stein’s investigative reporting also takes a close look at the skeptics and their case.

Jennifer Stein

Jennifer Stein is an artist, entrepreneur, activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Jennifer has won four EBE awards at Open Minds UFO Congress film festivals, 2- for The Disclosure Dialogues in 2012, and 2- for TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton in 2015. The documentary film Travis has won 28 mainstream film festival awards as well. Jennifer is a coordinating member of Noetic Sciences Shift in Action for Southeastern Pa., the founder of Main Line MUFON, a free monthly educational series for the Mutual UFO Network. Visit her website: She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona. She has sat on numerous boards or nonprofit organizations and managed and event coordination business before dedicating herself full time to documentary film making. She is also an avid organic Gardner, a macrobiotic cook and a long time ashtanga yoga practitioner and teacher. Jennifer is fascinated by phenomena and has been paying attention to it all her life. She was drawn to study ancient sites like stone henge New Grange and other ancient stone circles at an early age. As result she studied Crop Circles in the United States, Canada, and the UK. She has also traveled to many ancient sites around the globe with some of the top researchers like John Anthony west and Robert Schock, looking for clues to humanities lost history. She has been married for 38 years and has two adult children and lives in Arizona.



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