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Episode 58: Love is Forever

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This is about a loving relationship that resurfaced from past lives and had to overcome modern day challenges. Death is a non-negotiable factor in our earth lives but loved ones in spirit are still present and it is beneficial to our lives here to develop a personal relationship with those on the other side. Suzanne King shows how she continued her love affair with her partner after her partner passed on.

Suzanne King

Suzanne King is best known as a teacher, author and certified Past-Life Regression practitioner from the Weiss Institute, a Certified Hypnotist, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. For 15 years, she was co-owner of Heart of the Goddess, a Holistic Learning Center, that sponsored international authors and workshop leaders. Sue was also the co-creator of Woman Wisdom Training®, a franchised series of workshops that forged a path for women to honor the Divine Feminine. Suzanne's spontaneous recall of significant past lives was unexpected but accelerated her life and clarified her purpose. She had no idea of the importance of this earthly existence despite its challenges. Those experiences created the knowing that it was essential to become her best self today.



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