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Episode 60: Entering Heaven As An Atheist

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After a horrendous accident, Nancy Rynes died on the operating table. She passed to the other side as an Atheist. Nancy is going to tell us what she learned and how she lives her life now. Nancy is the author of "Awakenings from the Light", "Messages from Heaven", and "Walking in the Light"

Nancy Rynes

Nancy Rynes is an inspirational speaker, artist, and author of "Awakenings from the Light", "Messages from Heaven", and "Walking in the Light", books detailing the lessons she learned from two near-death experiences (NDEs). She is a spiritual explorer, making the path to a peace-filled life clearer for seekers all over the world. Nancy is also a leading voice for bringing eternal, spiritual wisdom into our lives on Earth, developing our heart-centered intuition, and living a life of inspired creativity. Known for her fun, lighthearted, girl-next-door demeanor, Nancy loves teaching others how to live a more purposeful, joyful, creative, and spiritually-inspired life.



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