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Episode 64: Ghost Hunting

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Daryl Marston, our guest today, was the lead investigator on A & E’s Ghost Hunter and shares with us his journey and methods examining this other dimension, and what happens when he does.

Daryl Marston

Daryl Marston has been investigating the paranormal since 2005 when he was invited to a local paranormal investigation and witnessed a half body apparition. He was hooked and started investigating local haunts in his home state of Delaware and the surrounding states. After several years of investigating the paranormal, he started his own team ‘Breakingparanormal’ in 2011. He and his team investigated dozens of well known haunts up and down the East Coast of the United States, such as Gettysburg, Sedamsville, Anderson Hotel, The House of Wills and Malta. Daryl became involved in Podcasting and Live Streaming in 2015. It was a slow start but several years and several platforms later, the popularity of his show ‘The American Ghost Hunter Show’, known as AGH, grew to 20,000 viewers watching weekly on Daryl’s podcasting brought him to the attention of the producers of Ghost Hunters where he became one of the lead investigators alongside Grant Wilson and Kristen Luman. In 2020 Daryl became co-owner of, the largest paranormal streaming site in the world. They create paranormal, sci-fi and horror, plus content for several major companies. also produces their own paranormal series, Epic Haunts and Dead-Live, with Daryl is one of the Executive Producers for both series. In 2021-2022 Daryl wrote the book The Devil Resides in Cleveland which will be released in the spring of 2023 by Llewellyn.



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