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Episode 78: Opening Up Your Psychic Gifts

Kendara Laurel, a 40+ year teacher in Metaphysics, discusses the different psychic abilities and how you can discover and use your gifts. She also shares how to use Belief Shifting to stop self-sabotage, to deal with Ego and to open up your ability to manifest what you want. Clarity on meditation, clearing space and protecting boundaries for your metaphysical journey can be easier than you think. Kendara offers help on when to know if you are receiving guidance, it is intuition or it is just you. How do I-Ching, Tarot and meditation assist you.

Kendara Laurel

Kendara Laurel has been involved in Metaphysics for over 40 years. She teaches classes in psychic development, healing, meditation, manifestation, and tarot. Kendara does belief shifting, which entails helping you discover and shift self-sabotaging beliefs (Often beginning in Childhood) and replace them with positive, life enhancing ones, allowing you to manifest your dreams. Kendra is also a Reiki Master, ordained Spiritualist Minister, and has taken graduate classes in counseling (at USF). All this helps skills and experiences assist her in helping to make her readings self-empowering and transformational for others. She believes everyone is psychic. It just takes practice and a deep listening to yourself, others, and the Universe. One of her greatest satisfactions comes from helping people discover their own particular psychic or intuitive talents. Kendara has also led hundreds of self-help and psychic development groups. The tool she uses to assist others include I Ching, Tarot, and good old-fashioned Intuition. Kendra is a Reiki Master teacher and an ordained Spiritualist Minister. I have taken graduate classes in counseling (at USF. Kendara Is presently, the Friday reader at the Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore and is also available for readings and classes and mentoring



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