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Episode 80: Body to Heart to Soul: Transformation through Creativity

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Connect with your Soul---the purest expression of yourself—through your body using spiritual and creative tools that speak to your Soul. The Soul speaks in metaphor and symbol, intuitive hunches and synchronicities which our rational mind often overlooks and ignores. The process of building a relationship with your Soul can be challenging but our guest, Damini Celebre, provides the roadmap of how to do this.

Damini Celebre

Damini Celebre is a Healer, Artist, and advocate for your Soul. She has helped thousands of women worldwide live deeply happy lives for over twenty-five years. She is a sought-after international speaker, author, transformational coach, and sacred space holder. Her unique background is a potent mix of healing arts: Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, and the intuitive, creative arts. The synthesis of her knowledge came together in her highly acclaimed book, Painting the Landscape of Your Soul: A Journey of Self discovery. The tools in this book help women live deeply happy lives, be empowered in their choices, and express their most authentic selves daily. Damini believes in the power of transformation through embodied creativity. And it is her mission to empower communities of women to connect to their inner guidance, be wildly creative, and Shine ON!



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