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Episode 83: Navigating Depression through Magic and Ritual

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Depression can be difficult to discuss or even acknowledge with it’s isolation and resistance to professional help. How can Spirituality help your Depression? Join our conversation with Terence Ward about his book ‘Empty Cauldrons’ and his journey through Depression. Terence shares the strategies, ceremonies, comfort and rekindling of Spirituality that helped him survive and thrive.

Terence Ward

Terence Ward is a journalist, writer, and priest who practices all three of these from a home in the Hudson Valley of New York. Terence has interviewed well-known Wiccans and other pagans including Raymond Buckland, Selena Fox, and Andras Corban-Arthen. In the book Empty Cauldrons, Terence combines journalism, memoir, magic, and ritual to look at depression in a pagan context. Book Title(s) and publication date(s) Empty Cauldrons: Navigating Depression through Magic and Ritual (January 2022) Hymns to the Many Gods (2021) Depths of Praise (2016)



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