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Episode 84: An Exploration of Trance Mediumship

Today we explore all types and aspects of Trance Mediumship, including Platform Mediumship, Physical Mediumship and Psychic Surgeon. All mediumship is healing and some communication is from a departed loved one but other communication is from other sources and spirits. Chris Ratter, the only psychic surgeon in Scotland, introduces us to all realms of mediumship, how he met his Spirit Team, how he became a psychic surgeon, and how the Spirits come in to assist and guide.

Chris Ratter

Chris Ratter is a spiritualist medium working within a specialist branch of trance healing known as psychic surgery. Living in Edinburgh, he is currently the only psychic surgeon residing in Scotland. He runs healing clinics, holds trance-mediumship and healing workshops, and delivers talks and demonstrations on these subjects in Scotland, England and the Republic of Ireland.



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