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Episode 94: You died, and then came back to life. What happened over there?

Psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Greyson, the world’s leading expert on near-death experiences, is here to discuss his new book ‘After’. In ‘After’ Dr. Greyson compiles and distills decades of research gathered from near death experiences as reported to him by people who ‘died’ and came back to tell their stories of what they saw on the ‘other side’. Dr. Greyson reveals this common phenomenon that can no longer be explained away or ‘swept under the rug’ and is now entering the legitimate world of scientific research. Our conversation will include what happened on the ‘other side’ and how these experiences changed the people who ‘lived’ it. What this means for the rest of us? The University of Virginia, Division of Perpetual Studies (DOPS) rigorously studies consciousness functioning outside the confines of the physical body, and phenomena that suggest continuation of consciousness after physical death, and before physical birth including reincarnation, mediumship, out of body experiences.

Dr. Bruce Greyson

Dr. Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the UVA School of Medicine. He served on the medical school faculty at the Universities of Michigan, Connecticut, and Virginia. He was a co-founder and President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and Editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies. His award-winning research led him to become a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, and to be invited by the Dalai Lama to participate in a dialogue between Western scientists and Buddhist monks in India.



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