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Episode 85: Conversations with Gaia, Mother Earth

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Mare Cromwell, our guest today, is in conversation with Mother Earth and communicates the information she has received. Mother Earth has a plan! Mare Cromwell, an internationally known Gaia Mystic and High Priestess shares her path of Surrender to the Great Mother to help birth the New Earth. Gaia’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s energy body in 2012. She is sharing Gaia's information through her new book, The Great Mother Bible. This is as new age of a Bible as you can get, very revealing, intense, humorous, and deeply moving dialogue between her and Earth Mother.

Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a humble servant to Mother Gaia and Mother’s spiritual councils. As an internationally known Gaia Mystic & High Priestess, visionary, healer and award-winning author, she is committed to Birthing the New Earth. Mare has studied with Native Americans elders for 26 years, and channeled: “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” and "The Great Mother Bible". Her first book is titled: “If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America”. Mare’s life of surrender to the Great Mother was activated in early June 2012 when Mother’s energy and consciousness were brought into Mare’s soul body in a significant ceremony with a Native elder. Immediately following that ceremony, Mare could hear Mother’s voice very clearly and she has been guided closely since. She co-webweaves Spiritual Global Grids including the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid and leads the year-long course “The Great Mother Love Way” … and absolutely loves doing ceremony and Sacred Silliness!



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