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Episode 87: Texts and WhatsApps from Heaven

Does deep grief make you want to see signs and connections to the afterlife or are you making them up? Louise Himlen, a very skeptical lawyer, takes us on her journey from doubter to believer with direct communication through texts and WhatsApps from the other side that is beyond circumstantial.

Louise Hamlin

Louise Hamlin was a law lecturer at Cambridge University and a single mother of three children when she met her future husband, Patrick. We moved to the country and were very happy until he suddenly died. Louise then started to receive apparent signs from him, which became more and more extraordinary until she eventually realized that they really were signs from the afterlife and she wasn’t making it up. This completely changed her world view and she now knows that there is life after death. She wrote her journey from skeptic to believer in ‘WhatsApps from Heaven’.



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