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Episode 89: A New View of the Spiritual Landscape

In this 2nd show with Carrie Hart, we explore the new spiritual landscape with mind expanding ideas. Carrie takes us through the 4 layers of the universe, the different strand possibilities of the spiritual web, courageous action, and the path of destiny. We discuss how many of our choices are free will and how much is predetermined? Or are we just pawns in a Game of Life? A great discussion including practical tools.

Carrie Harte

Carrie Hart has spent over 25 years as a spiritual explorer and teacher. After her husband of 46 years died suddenly, she delved deep into all of the tools and techniques she had learned and developed during her journey, both to heal and to create a new life. In her new book, she shares the very best of those tools as well as her deepened understanding of how we walk a path of destiny through a universe that is actively weaving a web of connections, and how we can greatly enhance that journey. Her book is available on Amazon now it is called Sojourner in Ataquay: MindExpanding Ideas and Practical Tools for the OpenMinded Seeker of a Meaningful Life.



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