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Episode 93: HAUNTED

There is an energy world that lives so close to our reality that spirits can still come through to make their presence known and own the thing they believe is theirs. Anna Maria Manalo, our guest today, tells us of an Inn in Pennsylvania that is so evilly haunted that it has been left to deteriorate for years. This is the true story of the Paranormal Investigators who were hired to clear the energy of the Inn and the land around it. Anna Maria also tells us of her first encounters with this spirit world in her childhood and with ‘attached’ possessions, the acquisition of a beautiful and very well priced antique chair she took home to her college dorm only to discover her new roommate that came with the chair.

Anna Maria Manalo

An award-winning screenwriter and amateur travel photographer, Anna Maria Manalo authors mémoires and anthologies involving first-person accounts of hauntings in remote and historic sites all over the globe. Her writing has been likened to Isabel Allende, Élie Wiesel and Lisa Jewell. Her cinematic storytelling style has placed her on the Amazon bestseller list for her previous release, Haunted Heirlooms. Her November release, Unholy Structure has been in the #1 new release for 3 consecutive weeks as well as in the top ten of Horror and Supernatural Literary categories. Her books are all rated from 4.3 to 5.0. As a travel photographer, Anna has traveled to over 27 countries, compiling accounts of terrifying and bizarre events from locals and tourists alike. An antique collector, culinary enthusiast and trained therapist, Anna is based in Pennsylvania.



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