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Episode 99: The Creation Story from The Urantia Book, An Exterterrestial View

The Urantia Book tells us about our species, our earth and how our long history was significantly affected by the Interventions and later manipulation by non-human extraterrestrials. Who are Adam & Eve really? Who are we? We’ll discuss the origin and meaning of life, mankind's place in the universe, the relationship between God, Jesus and human beings.

Dawn Barker

Dawn Barker is an astrologer and channel who transitioned from a background in archaeology to the metaphysical world. With her connection to the spiritual realm, she uses astrology, spirit guides, and lost item finding to help clients. She also works with power animals, gems and minerals, and dream interpretation. In her practice, Dawn mixes her spiritual talents with humor and honesty. You can set up an appointment with Dawn at or you can contact her directly at



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