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Sacred Geometry, The Universal Language of Divine Alignment

My guests today, Gail and Gregory Hoag, share their extensive expertise of sacred geometry and its application to personal and spiritual growth. The Hoags discuss how universal patterns and divine archetypes influence human consciousness and facilitate the evolution of the human experience. We discuss complex topics like higher dimensional realities, emotional fields, and the interplay between physical and subtle energies as well as the mystical properties of specific numbers and their universal significance. We explore the disruptive impact of modern electromagnetic frequencies on human energy fields and present the use of sacred geometry tools to counteract these effects. Additionally, the Hoags recount their personal journeys of discovering sacred geometry, including Gregory's intense Kundalini awakening and Gail's near death experience and spiritual channelings. Gail and Gregory emphasize the importance of integrating higher consciousness amidst current global turbulence and offer practical advice on using sacred geometry to enhance personal well-being.

Gail and Gregory Hoag

Gail and Gregory Hoag are leaders in the world of Sacred Geometry. They are authors of Sacred Geometry: The Universal Language of Divine Alignment. With over four decades of dedicated expertise in the realm of Sacred Geometry, they have pioneered groundbreaking technologies and new discoveries that have transformed the lives of tens of thousands across the globe with their teaching and tools. They have harnessed the power of divine archetypes to amplify higher dimensional energies and elevate the human experience, catalyzing personal and spiritual growth. They are well-known, compelling speakers and teachers in the consciousness movement. Gregory Hoag has been a bestselling author, inventor and researcher of Sacred Geometry and consciousness for more 40 years. Following a major spiritual awakening of kundalini in 1980, he started creating energetic tools through his company Metaforms, providing transformative experiences to foster spiritual evolution and the expansion of Source. He is recognized as one of the leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference. Gail Hoag is an author, accomplished artist, spiritual advisor and businesswoman. Her study of light, color and energy in motion in her paintings, launched a deep understanding for creating transformative fields to expand consciousness.

In a world where challenges often appear insurmountable, and climate change serves as an urgent reminder of a deeper crisis, there exists a beacon of hope—a profound wisdom concealed within the timeless realm of Sacred Geometry. "Sacred Geometry: The Universal Language of Divine Alignment" beckons both newcomers and seasoned seekers on a vivid voyage into the heart of reality's concealed enigmas. This book is your key to unlocking the secrets vital for our survival and spiritual evolution.



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